Medical Malpractice Takaful for Individuals

Professional medical indemnity for individual medical and non-medical practitioners including doctors, dentists, lecturers, allied health practitioners and more.

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Medical Malpractice Takaful for Establishments

Professional medical indemnity for establishments such as hospitals, clinics and healthcare centres.

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Building and Content Coverage

Coverage against various financial risks such as fire, flood, machinery breakdown, burglary and many more.

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Employee Benefits

Elevate organisation's value by offering comprehensive group medical coverage for employees.

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shariah Compliant

Fostering mutual cooperation and shared responsibility while adhering to Islamic ethical principles.


Safeguarding against diverse risks in for complete peace of mind.

Specialised Underwriter

Our specialized underwriters possess in-depth expertise, crafting tailored policies to meet your unique medical profession needs.

Efficient Claim Personnel

Our efficient claim personnel ensure prompt, fair resolutions, providing support and guidance during your time of need.

Experience Lawyer

Our experienced lawyers expertly navigate complex legal matters, defending and protecting your professional interests.

Easy Access to Marketing Team

Enjoy easy access to our responsive marketing team, providing personalized service, promotional strategies, and customer engagement solutions.

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